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Notes to help you on our website

We have included these notes to tell you things you need to know to ensure you get the best experience from your visit. The topics are:

Design and Security

Our website has been designed using the latest standards. The main pages are coded in XHTML and, for security purposes, some pages are coded in PHP. The website is hosted on a secure server with an SSL certificate so that all information passing to and fro is encrypted. This protects against spammers and makes your browsing safer as hackers cannot see any of the information you may give to us when you are shopping online.


We use several methods to make your visit enjoyable and we hope these features make it easy to navigate the contents of the website:


We use JavaScript routines for added functionality. For example, to create the pop-up windows that show larger images, to control the scrolling bobbin, and to encode email addresses to prevent them being harvested by spam robots. As a result, it is absolutely essential that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. If it isn't, a warning message will appear above the page content. If this occurs, you will need to enable JavaScript. You can usually find the toggle in the browser's options or preferences section which is generally under the 'Tools' menu.

Contact forms

We use two main contact forms - one for general enquiries and one to join our mailing list. Any information you supply is treated with the strictest confidence and will only be used for contacting you, either by email or telephone.

The other contact forms we use are for data protection purposes, order tracking and a facility to obtain your order history


The website has been tested on all the popular browsers - Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It works fine with all of them.

How we use cookies

When you make a purchase from our website session cookies are used to compile the transactions in your shopping basket. These session cookies are stored on our web server and are therefore totally secure and safe from hackers. A session cookie expires after two hours and is then deleted.

A temporary cookie is stored on your PC purely to identify the correct session cookie but it contains no information that will be of value to a hacker.

If you have opted to pay using your PayPal account, you will be transferred to the secure servers of PayPal so your financial details remain totally confidential between you and them.