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Victorian box kit
£16.00 (each)
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Victorian box kit (card only)
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Our Victorian needlework box is slightly smaller than our hexagonal box but has an additional inner container set at 45-degrees to the outer one. All surfaces are fabric covered, with the addition of padding on the external walls to give them a softer feel. The external dimensions of the closed box are 5¼" square by 5¾" tall. Although it is designed for needlework items, the box can also be used to house many other small items.

Click the image on the right to see photographs of completed boxes open and closed.

The Victorian box is supplied in kit form only and each full kit contains the die-cut cardboard shapes used to form the box, paper templates for cutting your materials to the correct size, wadding and batting. The instruction guide, in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), this will be emailed to you when your order is dispatched. All you need to add are the fabrics of your choice and your own skills.

The 'card only' kit is identical to the full kit except that it contains no wadding. It is intended for customers who prefer to supply and cut their own wadding.

Each box requires half a metre of cotton fabric for the outer surfaces and half a metre for the lining together with half a metre of ribbon/lace and half a metre of narrow elastic. You will also need PVA glue and a spreader or brush, together with needles and thread.

Note: If you are using a larger pattern design for the outer surfaces, and are doing pattern matching, you may need slightly more than half a metre of fabric.